Rosabon Treasury Note (RTN)


Are you tired of meager interest rates on your regular savings account? Do you have excess cash which you do not need now saved up somewhere? Why not invest in the Rosabon Tenor Note, RTN, and watch your money multiply with ripple effect.

This plan is a flexible tenor-based placement that offers highly competitive interest rates for individuals and corporate groups. That’s not all; you also get to determine your deposit, the tenor of your investment plan and your form of payment.

What’s better is that you can negotiate your desired interest rates on deposits above N1,000,000

Get on board today and make great returns!

Operating Lease

The Rosabon Operating Lease is our most popular product. It offers peace of mind with a set rental payment each month over a fixed term. This plan is great for companies that work with a fleet of vehicles.

Not only does it take away the risks of operation from them, it provides an outsourced solution so they get to focus on their core business as we take on all the risk and expense, including scheduled and unscheduled servicing of all vehicles on the fleet.

Item Price per Unit Quantity